Sat Dec 9 11:30 pm

NBA In-Season Tournament - Regular Season Complete

Group A West Losing Magic Numbers

How close is your team from being eliminated from winning a certain qualifing spot? A Losing Magic Number is the number of games a team must lose to guarantee losing a given qualifing spot. Click a team name to proceed to the team page.

Group A West Losing Magic Numbers
Record Qualifing Group Finish Elimination
Team W L GPi
Games Played
4 game season
Advancement to the
Knock-Out Round
Possible advancement to
the Knock-Out Round
Lakers 4 0 4 MW ^ ^
Suns 3 1 4 X MW ^
Jazz 2 2 4 X X MW
Trail Blazers 1 3 4 X X MW
Grizzlies 0 4 4 X X MW
  • Notes
  • ^ means the team will finish better than this spot
  • X means the team cannot win this spot
  • numeric indicates the number of games that must be lost to guarantee losing this spot
  • "MW" indicates the team Might Win the spot despite losing all of its remaining games
  • *  denotes advancement to the knock-out round
  • ** denotes possible advancement to the knock-out round