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NFC Most Important Games

The Most Important Games for a conference are those games in the upcoming week whose outcome most changes the final playoff picture. The Importance Factor provides a relative importance between games. Use this table to identify the most interesting NFC games in the upcoming week of play. Click a team name to proceed to the team playoff picture page.

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NFC Most Important Games

Game Importance
Factor (0-100)
Home Visitor
Cowboys (0-0) Giants (0-0) 43
Bears (0-0) Packers (0-0) 43
Rams (0-0) Seahawks (0-0) 41
Falcons (0-0) Eagles (0-0) 41
Forty-Niners (0-0) Vikings (0-0) 40
Cardinals (0-0) Saints (0-0) 35
Chargers (0-0) Lions (0-0) 25
Redskins (0-0) Dolphins (0-0) 24
Jaguars (0-0) Panthers (0-0) 23
Buccaneers (0-0) Titans (0-0) 23